A message from the founder…

“I created the MÀTI vision with my profound connection to the Mediterranean, a deep love for my Greek culture, and an obsession with swimwear. Frustrated by the never-ending search for the "perfect bikini," I recognised the lack of swimwear options that offered a minimal design yet still contoured my body in a flattering way. Quality, comfort, and sustainability was also of huge importance to me and my struggle to find this combination was never ending.

Despite owning so many bikinis, I didn't truly love any of them. I found most of the cuts and designs were never right.

After decades of disappointment I finally decided to bring my vision to life."

That's how MÀTI the label was born

My goal is to create swimwear that will help other women embrace themselves and look forward to putting their swimwear on. I want you all to feel & look like an absolute goddess.

To me, MÀTI is that girl that stands in front of the crowd & radiates confidence and empowerment to other women from all diversities. She is a goddess who encourages others to feel their absolute best”