As the fashion industry has a major impact on the environment; MÀTI is committed to producing high quality swimwear that doesn’t harm our environment. We are dedicated to creating sustainable fashion that you can look & feel like a confident goddess in whilst protecting the environment all at the same time! 

We are on a mission to reduce our impact on the environment in every way we can whilst also contributing to a better world. Here is a closer look at how we operate to achieve this! 


We work hard to source the most ethical and eco friendly fabric on the market whilst ensuring comfort, quality and versatility. Our fabrics are high quality Italian fabrics made from recycled waste such a fishing nets, plastic bottles and more! All of which pollutes our oceans. In fact - just one of our eco friendly bikini's save 10 plastic bottles from our oceans. 

We are working hard to ensure 100% of our swimwear comes from eco friendly fabrics. 


All our packaging is eco friendly including our mailer bags, swimwear bags, hang tags, thank you cards ect. We also use electronic invoicing and return slips to ensure we are as paperless as can be. 


Sourcing a manufacture that shares the same ethical values as us can be challenging, however we have found a great supplier that is committed to change as we are. Our supplier provides their workers with ethical working conditions and responsible manufacturing practices. 

- All employees received well above the min wage with 13 months’ salary a year. They receive two months’ wages for a vacation of up to 25 days.

- Our factory provides  free medical insurance to all employees, including their spouses and children, covering doctor’s fees, prescription medications, & hospitalisation.

- Every lunch break, each employee is provided with a glass of fresh juice, a hot cooked meal and vitamin supplements.

- Depending on the hours and days worked, overtime is paid at a rate of 1.5 and 3 times the hourly rate & is always optional.

- The work areas are all air-conditioned and offer working facilities comparable to those of any Western establishment.


Our manufactures not only looks after their employees, a portion of their proceeds go towards charity, Bali street mums. This charity is a organisation dedicated to helping mothers & children that scavenge for their lively hood from garage dumpsters and begging. These children in particular are prone to sex trafficking and a life of misery.

Donations to this charity helps provide safe houses, health care, toiletries, new clothing, a roof over their heads and education to help enrol them into school.

At Mati we are committed to protecting you and the environment x